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ORIGAMI フェイスシールドORIGAMI faceshieldfacegurdフェイスガードフェイスシールド

ORIGAMI face shield






A state of emergency has been declared in Japan due to the outbreak of a new coronavirus(COVID-19) that is spreading around the world. While we were thinking about what we could do, we learned about the face shield and wanted to be of some help. There are many different environments and situations in which face shields are used around the world. Therefore, we made a shield that can be easily made by laminating two A4-sized sheets of film without a single large film, with fewer parts and easy to obtain parts (substitutes can also be used).


・Two clear A4(210×297) sheets or one clear file and a string are needed to complete the design.(You can also change the length of the band to accommodate letter size)
・It can reduce the fogging of the glasses when wearing the mask by moving back and forth and rotating type.
・By creasing the shield, it can be used for thin film. In addition, the distortion of the surface is reduced and the vision becomes clearer.
・You can flexibly adjust it to the size of your head by using a string (rubber string).

・Depending on the thickness of the transparent sheet and the method of cutting, there may be cases where the skin is cut. It is safer to protect the perimeter with tape. Cut a round in the convex part.
Please cut a round in the convex part.

・This shield can be used without permission.
・When making and using this shield, please do so at your own risk.
・This shield has not been verified for medical use.
・Please refrain from using this shield for commercial purposes.
・Please note that the design and specifications are subject to change without notice.



※Please do not resize the print size and print at 100% of A4(210×297)size when printing.




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